About the ZenKoansDatabase

The Zen Koans Database was originally designed by me, James Collado on February 2007. Since them, I keep on maintaining and upgrading the site.

The Koans have been collected from several web sources but all care has been taken as to not infringe any copyrights. All the Koans found here are hundreds of years old, and has been formed (and deformed) by oral tradition though the centuries, I honestly don't think any man can claim to have rights over them. You won't find any new (20th century) Zen or Koan-related material in here. (And if by any omissions or errors you do, contact me and it will be removed inmediately.)

With that in mind, feel free to take all the English koans that you find here. Use them at your will.

However, the Spanish translated koans are a result of my hard work and thus, I maintain all the rights over the translations. Zen Koans often use a difficult and symbolic language, thus, I takes me time and hard effort to translate each one. I am determined to slowly, have a nice database of English and Spanish Koans.

The site design is based on an original Design called 'SimpliCssGreen' by Jose Erlino M. Lontok. You can find this design in the Open Source Web Development website. I just made small modifications to suit my needs, if you are planning to use this design, refer to the OSWD site and download the original from there. It is an Open Source design, so it is free for you to use as long as you preserve this notice, or a similar one, giving him the credit and a link to his website.

Finally you can contact me.