Bills: it's raining money!

snow bros bills

In Snow Bros, if you can pull of a little trick consisting of brining down all the bad guys in one floor with just one snowball kick, you will get rewarded with money from the sky! For each bad guy a 10,000 bill will fall from the sky to the bottom-most floor. However, you must be very quick to pick them up, for they don't wait very long!

Let me elaborate: you are only allowed to kick once, but we know that you can make 2 snowballs roll with one kick! Remember that while pushing two snowballs in a row, if you kick them, the closest to you will roll backwards and the farthest forward. Also, if a snowball finds another on its way down (a fully done one) it will push it and both will roll down, bouncing off walls until they finally collapse.

Keep in mind that you must clear all bad guys that started the floor. Once you have kicked one down, while the rest are up and walking around, the options of making bills is over for you in that floor. (You still can make bills in other floors)

Though I haven't done so myselft yet, I firmly believe that there must be a way to make bills on each and every floor (exept the bosses ones). Hummmm, no wait, thinking about level 39, I must confess that I think there is no way to make bills in there. In fact, that nightmare of a level is the singlest most dangerous place in the whole 50 floors tower, for it doesn't depend upon the snowman to make a good perform in there, but to the bad guys! If they don't want to fall down, there is nothing you can do about it. If someone has manage to make bills in there, please write me, Im really interested

So far I can make Bills and thus, it is possible, at the following green-marked floors:


In some of those levels, bills can be attained regularly, following a learnt pattern, aligning the snowballs and making them roll with precision. In other more difficult floors, I must confess that I do bills very sparringly.

If you happen to make bills in a floor that I haven't mark here, please let me now in the forum, so that I cant update this page! Thans

You can find a Bills window icon for your system in my Snow Bros Icons page. They came with detailed instructions on how to use them.