Tips and Tricks

Snow Bros does not have cheats (and I am very glad!). All of them fit into a sportive game play, you won't find any bugs-abusing dirt in here. However, there is a number of clean tips, tricks and techniques I have come up though time. Let me share those with you:

Both-ways snow kicking technique

Sometime you are just pushing a snowball only to realize it would be better to kick it backwards. There is an easy way to do it! Simply jump over the snowball and stand in there. (Yes! You can stand in there!) Now, depending on wich way you face, the kick will throw the snowball in one direction or the other! With this little trick, you can change your mind very fast and kick a snowball backwards to get rid of that guy that's just hot on your heels!

Snowball-Climbing technique

Once you have a snowball, you can do some things with it. For instance, you can use it to climb higher and get to un reachable places! Just stand over it and then jump, you wil get faster to higher places.

snow bros sumo bill climb
Snowball-Climbing technique

Great combo: climb and kick!

This is the ultimate combo: use the snowballs to both climb and kick it down rolling. First you must, as always, create a full snowball out of some baddie, then stand on top of it. Now cames the tricky part, with the right timing, it is possible to both kick the snowball in any direction and jump from the top of it! Just how great is that? For the trick to work you must first kick the snowball and then very very quickly jump from it.

Pushing up snowballs

This is a bit of a work, but in some levels you just have to do it to make some Bills fall from the sky. You start as always, by making a snowball. Then fall down and stand right below to the snowball. Now, if you jump, you wil push the snowball up onto another platform! Also, most of the times it slides a bit left or right. Since you also went up one platform, now you can re-do the trick and push it up again. With enough skill, you will be able to quickly move a snowball to the top, to fulfill all you Bill-making plans!

snow bros sumo bill
Sumo fighter to Bill trick

Get Bills from the sumo fighters!

This is another great one. In some floors, you will encounter sumo fighters at the very top. If you are skilled enough, you can reach them and throw some snow at them, which will turn them into Bills! In order to do so, you must always jump to the higher platform that you can, and then from there use the Snowball-Climbing technique to reach the very top of the screen and shot snow at those sumo fighters, then collect your well earned Bills!

Learn to roll more

When you kick a snowball, sometimes it will bounce of a wall and get you, making you travel with it for a while. Thats a great thing! You must learn how to take fully advantage of this! First, look at those rolling snowballs like what they truly are: a free and very very fast transportation method for you! Do not ride the balls all the way to the bottommost floor, but instead, learn tu jump (with the jump button) out of it when it suits you! Also, you don't have to ride every snowball, feel free to skip some rides and take others to where you want to go. Don't just ride at random, but learn to use this for your advantage.

Believe it or not there is even more to it! When you jump off a rolling snowball, you get an invulnerable status for a few seconds; just how great is that? This little trick is insanely useful. Let's suppose a baddie just fall into some trap and can't get out of there. The place is so small that if you try to get in there you wil be one. What do we do? Find another nearby baddie, turn him into snowball and kick him so that it bounces and comes back to you, ride it for a second and then jump of to the hole with the other baddie: you just got him! Because you are invulnerable for a few seconds, you can do all sort of kamikaze-style or rambo-like maneuvers around. Extremely useful and fun to do!


If you want to comment on any of those tips and tricks or want to share some of your own, you are very welcome to do so in my Snow Bros Forum.