Power Ups

If this game wasn't enought bad as it is, it does incite the use of drugs! As you ascend floor by floor, killing weirdos throwing them snow and kicking them, you may find that sometimes when they smash against a wall, a colored jar may fall off their pockets. I don't know what's in those drinks, but they turn you into a super-upper snowman. Those weirdows are also up to something, carring those colored drinks all around. Anyway, let see what they can do for you:

Red PowerUp

snow bros power up red

The most important powerup in the game by far. It will give you a tremendous speed boost (and will make you shake your arms up and down of joy). Simply put: without the red powerup, some easy floors become a nightmare. In others, you absolutely need it to make bills. It will allow you to reach placed otherwise you couldn't. Without it, your strategy in most floors changes completely. As I said before: it is the most important PowerUp by far. Get it as soon as you can.

When you switch from walk to high speed running, you also gain the ability to reach the very top of the screen from the very beggining, even while you are still blinking (beeing invulnerable). This climbing technique is wildly used though a lot of floors, but without the red PowerUp, you will hace to find other (harder) way arounds.

Unoticed to some, it also makes you to jump not higher, but longer, thus, allowing you to reach otherwise unreachable places.

Finally, the faster you walk, the faster you can pick up food (points). You will lose it if you die.

You can find a Red PowerUp window icon for your system in my Snow Bros Icons page. They came with detailed instructions on how to use them.

Blue PowerUp

snow bros power up blue

The second most important PowerUp in the game. It is never a must, you can do without, but you will kill your snow-throwing finger. Really, without the blue PowerUp, expect to stress your snow-throwing to unhealthy levels.

If you lack it, it won't change your basic strategy for the floor. You can very much do whatever you had planned for the floor, but as I already said, will overstress the snow-throwing finger.

Without this powerup, it will take you a minimum of 7 or 8 snowshots before turning an enemy into a snowball, that is, if you are fast, on average 9 to 10 snowshots is the norm. You can mantein a 7-8 snowshots to snowball for some time, but after a while you will become tired of it and your speed will fall down. It is not a fixed amount of shots, keep in mind that the bad guy is shaking the snow off at a fixed speed, you have to fight that speed and be faster.

On the other hand, with the blue PowerUp, you can turn the bad guys into snowballs with just 3 snowshots at normal speed. It can not be done in just two, no matter how fast you are. If you are really really slow, it can take you 4 or 5 snowshots to turn a guy into a snowball.

It will wear off in case you die and loose a life.

You can find a Blue PowerUp window icon for your system in my Snow Bros Icons page. They came with detailed instructions on how to use them.

Yellow PowerUp

snow bros power up yellow

This is a nice one to have, but by far the less important. It will allow you to shoot your snow farther. It cames handy sometimes, but I can't think of any screen where it is an absolute must. In the first floors can be a good help, but as you go up floors, you will be facing the baddies from much closer, thus manking this PowerUp a bit useless most of the times.

If you find a yellow drink around drink it for sure! It is alwas nice to shoot your white stuff father. However, don't expect much of it. You will lose it if you die.

Green PowerUp

snow bros power up green

Now this is a completely different PowerUp. It has an interesting once off efect: it will inflate you to a huge ballon and you will fly freely though the screen, killing enemies as you touch them. Now, that is something, isn't it?

Also, each time you kill a monster in this way you get 8000 points, plus whatever food they drop in case they were not already into snowball form.

Fun as it sounds, it is overrated. First, those green powerups usually appears after you have clear most of the guys. Second, if you clear the whole floor in one shot (thus makning bills) do NOT drink it, or you will loose your bills and look silly flying around inflated with nothing to aim at.

My advice: if you encounter the green PowerUp in a floor which you are confortable with, and know your way around to make bills, then let it be, and go to your bill-making businesses. If on the other hand, you are in an unconfortable or ugly situation, or short on lifes, and you come across a green powerup, then drink it asap! Get the points, maybe other powerups, and clear the stage. It will give you a small break.

However, in ANY case do something stupid like running for it an getting killed. It is not worth it

No PowerUp Challenge

I have come up with some interesting Snow Bros Challenges, some of them involving not using PowerUps to advance though the floors! Read my Challenges page for more info.

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