S.N.O.W - How to get extra lives!

snow bros blue guys extra lives
The blue little guys

Sometimes, instead of sushi, some baddie will drop a blinking blue face: it's your passport to free lives! So keep your eyes open.

If you get the blinking blue face, then 4 blue little faces will come into stage and star wandering around. They wont be there long, so you better take care of them quickly! As with any other bad guy, you must turn those into a snow ball and then kick them. However, they are special, instead of sushi they each will give you a letter to form the word S.N.O.W. Collect them all and gain an extra live! pretty sweet right?

snow bros blue guys extra lives done
Ready to kick!

In order to make them give you a well deserved letter, you need to turn them into snow balls before. That is, you cant turn the first one into a snow ball and make it roll over the rest and expect to get all the letters. You must turn each one onto a snow ball separately to get the letters. You do are allowed to make one snowball push another snowball that was already fully covered. It is trecy as hell. Most of the times you wont have time to make four snowballs, so your better aim would be to get a couple or three without getting killed in the process

snow bros blue guys extra lives letters
Collected letters

While they are around, everyone else stops moving (that is, the baddies, not yourself). It could be that everyone owns them money, and so, they all hide when the blue guys come around, of course thats just a wild guess. To be honest, it looks more like some programmer just made a mistake, god knows what "powerup" colorful drinks they were having while programing this.

If you just did the trick and knocked off every baddie on screen with one powerful kick, and you happend to get a blue snow face logo, keep in mind that if you go for it, the bills wont appear after you are done! (Just as it happens with the green PowerUp) So you have to decide if it is worth it or not. Of course, it all will depend on what Snow Bros Challenge you are attempting.

Those are the only monster that won't cross over others (which are frozen at this time), this means that sometimes they can lockup themselfs

I am not 100% sure about how the odds work. I believe that you always have a chance to get the 4 different letters. However, if a some floors later you came across those guys again, keep in mind that if you collect a letter which you already have, it goes nowhere. So if you are just missing one, collect that, gain an extra life, and then go for the other guys. Anyway, you will only have a few seconds, so just try your best. There is not much time to think about it really.