Every 10 floors you will face a boss. Bosses are much stronger that normal bad guys. Your snow shots won't hurt them (but they will give you 10 points per snow shot). They will also create constantly new bad guys to come after you. Your strategy then will be: to turn the little guys into snow balls and though them at the bosses.

Some of them can be easily defeated following a fixed pattern that I have came up with (see below).

You must know that there is no evil pumpking in the bosses floors, instead, when your time is up (exactly 120 seconds) you will simply pass onto the next floor exactly as if you had defeated it. (Thought you won't get any points). This is however, not a recomended tactic by any means, as they all can be easily destroyed if you follow my adviced for each one. Also, each of them has a different amount of hits, as you will see.

Finally, be prepared to encounter some of the most bizarre monster in videogame history, truly bizarre guys.

Snow Bros Boss One:
The ugly giant lizard with opposable thumbs

snow bros boss
First boss, level 10

The easiest of all, this guy will stand 6 hits before opening a lot his mouth, falling to the floor and die. He is predectible, because he always does the same, and thus, we can make a little infalible strategy. I have marked a yellow and black zone on the picture above, simply don't move from there and you will be safe. Throw all the snow that you can to your right and when you have a snowball, push it to the giant lizard. This technique works 100% of the times, is very straight forward.

In fact, it is so simple after you learn the trick, that I use this screen as a PowerUps mine and score booster. Once you master the basics, you can go to the bottom of the screen and make snowballs to your left, throwing them at the little buddies as they come down. Eventually you will get the PowerUp that you were mising and some extra score. (If by floor 10 you are still missing a power-up! Which I hope you aren't, unless you are working your way though one of the Snow Bros Doors)

Don't worry about your left side, noone will came over there. Neither from the top or the bottom. Simply shoot right and kick the snowballs. Remember, 6 hits and he will be gone.

Snow Bros Boss Two:
The pink head with cannons

snow bros boss
Second boss, level 20
Another predictible guy. As the one before, it can be easily defeated follwing a simple pattern. Again, I have marked a zone for you on the screen. Stick to it and you should be safe. Simply keep and eye on your back because when the head is at the top, it will launch 3 bad guys down to you. Turn them into snow balls and get rid of them, they are useless. However, keep the next 3 long enough to throw them at the head and give it 3 additionals shots.

This head can stand a total of 7 hits before collapsing. Another pretty straightforward boss if you follow this strategy.

Snow Bros Boss Three:
The color changing birds

snow bros boss
Third boss, level 30

I don't have a 100% proved method for passing those birds, (yet), so from game to game I improvise the shots. This is due to the fact that the don't follow a fixed pattern, and thus is difficult to came up with a strategy that works 100% of the times. If you have a well-proven technique for those brids, please let me know in the forum.

One piece of advice is: stick to the bottom, don't climb. When you climb you get closer to the birds, thus giving you less time to void them when they go down.

As with all the doubled bosses (a boss which is in fact two monsters) it is always a good strategy to concentrate on one first until is defeated and then go for the second. This is common sense and a good overwall strategy for multiple oponents (divide and conquer!). However, in this particular boss I wouldn't advise it too much, it could be dangerous. If you can reasonably git the same bird all the time do it, but don't force it. Don't waste precious seconds crossing the whole screen to hit an injuried bird because it doesn't worth it.

Simply shoot snowballs as fast as you can. Also, avoid bouncing snowballs again other snowballs: one will always hit the wall and thus, be lost. It is better to thow them one by one at a bird. If you stick to the floor, out of the 6 eggs you will only use 2. However, the tradeoff is that you can't miss a single one of those two shoots.

Finally, those birds can stand 3 hits each one. Which means that if you are very skilled, the second time they came down you can get rid of one of them. Originally they are yellow, and after each hit they will change color following this pattern: yellow, pink, blue and then gone after one more hit. Once they are featherless and flying away they won't kill you even if they touch you.

In short: two birds, 3 hits each, a total of 6 hits to clear the stage.

Snow Bros Boss Four:
The errr 'really big faces with arms and horns'???

snow bros boss
Fourth boss, level 40

Those are the nightmare for every novice in Snow Bros. Many people have given up the game on floor 40, unable to defeat those two ugly heads.

The problems is: those head throw more bad guys on stage than any other boss, and they can take 7 hits before collapsing, a very high number compared with the birds on floor 30 (3 hits each bird).

To make it all worse, apart from the three little bad guys that will be your ammo once turned into rounded snowballs, those heads also spit walking flames that are completely invulnerable to your snow. ( Yes I know that snow is made of water and that water puts off fire, but the poor programmers didn't attend good schools and didn't know that. We can't blame them. Maybe they were raise in a very hot country and know very little about how snow actually works )

By the way, the flames won't walk random: they will follow you. Lovely flames.

But fear not my friend, those two heads have a dirty secret: they don't detect your presence! (just look at their eyes, they look so stonned they wouldn't see a truck even if they were hit by one. I wonder what the programmers where up to while writing this game. Kids, don't use drugs, they waste you). Because they can't detect you, they will always move around following the same pattern. With a little study, we can find a weak spot.

Note that on the top corners there are two cracks through the snow. The left one only throws one little bad guy at a time, while the right crack throws two of them. Your objetive is to get up there, on the right of the crack and turn every little guy that pops by into a snow ball and kick them down as fast as you can. You really need to kick those snowballs fast in this floor or you are gone. You do have enought time to kill the right head before it comes up and hunt you. However, it will get the 7th and last hit just in front of you, so don't even miss one snowball or you are history. If you follow my instructions closely, you can defeat those two heads time after time, 100% guaranteed. You just have to learn to perform the little trick with extreme acurracy, to the second. Or better said, to the pixel.

Don't just start climbing up as the show starts, you must wait until it is your turn. When the left head is over the X mark, (marked in the picture) facing left, then is your turn to climb to the shooting-like-hell position. You should be there in five jumps, I have marked them on the picture. Watch out for the first 3 bad guys, the blue ones, they will get to you while you wait, don't let them touch you! (They smell very bad)

So, in short:

  • Wait until the left head gets to the X mark (see picture)
  • Kill the 3 bad guys that will reach you while waiting (don't leave them covered in snow, you must throw them).
  • Once the left head is on the X mark, climb to the most upper-right corner with 5 precise jumps (also marked in the picure).
  • From there, throw snow like crazy and kick the snow balls as you make them. As fast as you can.
  • Watch the right head come up to hunt you, and then collapse right in your face when it gets its 7th hit.
  • Keep kicking snowballs down the screen to finish off the other head.

It really looks like the right head is going to get you, but if you are fast, it won't. I can't! There is no time! This is a 100% efective way of passing this novice-nightmare boss. Simply practise it until you are confortable with it.

Snow Bros Boss Five - Final Boss:
The Stone Guardians

snow bros boss
Final boss, level 50

Those are the final bosses, the stoneheads guys that took your girlfriend last night. Unfortunately, I don't have a proved method for clearing this floor, as the bubble ball they shoot are random and thus, you can't prepare a detailed strategy on advance.

If I can't give you a well detailed strategy, let me give you at least some advice:

Focus on one head first. This wasn't very important in the birds at floor 30, but it is vital on this floor. Once you have defeated one, it will be very simple to finish off the other. The stone at the top stops falling at some point, thus giving you all the time in the world to kill the head that is left. Do your best to kick the snowballs in the same direction until one stonehead is gone, the take your time to finish the second. Watch out for the bubbles, the snowballs can bounce on them. Sometimes, you have to kick left a snowball that you want to hit the right stone head, it all depends on the bubbles around. Very Tricky.

If you get caught inside a bubble don't jump, it won't help, simply throw snow until you break the bubble an fall free... to get into the bubble just below you, as it usually happens if you don't fall to the side.

Sometimes it may be useful to ride a bubble, it can help you get out of some ugly fire (or even to cross it to the other side if you are skilled enough). Let it be a personal decision, don't let the bubble decide when you are going to ride one. It may look funny the first time, but the spikes on top are not.

Of course, ride a bubble to get a PowerUp that you need. Specially the blue one, as you are in floor 50 and by this time your throw snow finger must be (ironically) burning. Get the blue drink, save some finger.

Arm yourself with patience, each stonehead will take 10 hits before collapsing. To help you keep track of how many hits they still have left, you will see 3 small flames appearing in their foreheads. (Yes, thow snowballs at them to make them burn! Definitely, the programers were high on something while writing all this) The patter goes as follow: 4 hits to see the first flame. 6 hits for the second, 8 for the third flame and when it gets it's tenth hit, the stonehead will collapse.

Finally: Simply kick a few more of those snow balls and get back your poshy girlfriend. Oh, she may be just hanging above you wearing a skirt, but do not let that distract you. Thatīs exactly what the stoneheads pretend by hanging them up there without underwear. Don't fall for it, don't let them trick you, stay focus, sharp as a blade, for it will be soon over. Just once last effort.