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Track and Field : the Game

El Track And Field is a great sports game and the first and biggest smash-buttons ever created, and ironically it only has three buttons.

track and field olimpic rings
Track and Field start up screenshoot

It is also possibly one of the most addictive games ever done. We get to play in the shoes of an athlete wo has to compete is many different and hard olympic events: 100 Meter Dash, Long Jump, Javelin Throw, 110m Hurdles, Hammer throw and High Jump.

When you start playing the Track and Field game for the first time, the thrill is in scoring good enough to make it to the next test. If your legs, I mean fingers, are quick enough you will make it to the end of the six events and then start the

track and field olimpic rings
Ready, Set, Go!
second round, where the cut marks are higher. If you are just starting to play this game you will find it difficult to make it to the next event, dont despair, practise makes perfect.

The mechanics of the the game are surprinsingly simple since the game only has 3 buttons: 2 run buttons and 1 action buttn, used to jump or throw, depending on wich event we are at.

When we make a clear pass at each event, we add points to our score, such points depend on how good the mark was.

track and field olimpic rings
Track and Field Long Jump

However the most addictive side of Track and Field is the mutiplayer mode. There can be up to four players, however only 2 can play at a time (hey we are talking about 1983).

You will find a wealth of information about the game on this site. You can start by reading the installation page to get you started. There, you will find a very detailed guide on what to download and how to install it. You have links to download each file directly, which should make your life easier. You can start playing Track and Field in a few minutes!