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Track And Field Game - 110 Meters hurdles

This event is probably one of the most difficult to begin with. Newcomers to Track and Field perform horrible the first few times they attempt this. You just need some coordination to run and jump those hurdles. There is also no room for mistakes: skip just one hurdle and you will beat the floor and dump your chances of making a good time. It is interesting to know that this is the only event in Track and Field that is not part of the ladys events. They ladys run 100m only and the hurdles are slightly shorter.

track and field 110m hurdles vallas
Ready, Set....Go!

The Event

As usual we start using the running buttons to build up speed, however soon we will find the first hurdle in our qay. here we use the action button to jump over them. Keep in mind that you have to hit the action button when you are close to it. Most people press it way too early the first time they play.

track and field 110m hurdlesvallas
Jumping the Hurdles

In this Trackand Field event the finger position is crucial. You have 10 fingers and only 3 buttons to use. I would say it would make sense not to use the same finger twice, that is, dont give two jobs to 1 finger and leave the rest watching the action. From my experience I believe it is best to use the index+heart fingers toghether to run, that is, 4 fingers to run, 2 en each hand, and then have the action button in he space bar and push it with your thumb (left or right, it doesnt matter).

This is by no means a rule, it work for me and it works well, give it a go, if it works for you keep it, if it doesnt just try something else. Keep in mind that too much hand/finger movement will make you loose time. Even if only takes 0.1seconds to re-use the same finger to run and jump, after 10 hurdles you have lost a full second, and that's a lot.

track and field 110m hurdles vallas
Finish line

I have seen players start running at a good pace, and then once in front of he first hurdle they forget about running and hit the action bar with the whole hand while grinning happily. Guess what, the race is not over. You are supposed to run all the way, that is run and jump at teh same time. Dont stop running to jump, even for a split of a second, that will make you loose second after second. One finger for one button and no moving around.

Arriving has no complications, like in other events just make it to the line and be ready to take a screeshot.

In the MAME emulator you can take a screenshot with the [F12] key and it will be saved in the "C:\mame\snap\trackfld\" folder. That is, if you have followed the Track And Field installation instructions from this page.

You have but a few seconds once the race is finish to take a screeshot, so it is worth taking an habit of putting your finger on top of the [F12] key, just in case you happend to have made a very good mark. It takes almost no space on your computer by the way, so you could have thousands and still it will weight less than 1 song.

You can see what are the internet Track and Field World Records here.

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