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Track And Field Game: High Jump

The last event of the game. In here you get to give the running buttons a rest, however it is the most technically challenging one. We can make 3 fouls before being disqualified, and there is a minimum height we have to clear before that to make it to the second run.

track and field high jump
High Jump

The Jump

The athlete starts running by himself to the bar. While so we will be busy on other things, to start with, you have to use the action button close enough to the bar but not so much that you actually bring it down on your way up! In this event you do not have to press it for some time, just touch it to start jumping at 90%.

Jumping close enough is only the begining, after that it allgets more complicated:

track and field
Successful Jump

Once we are off the floor, we have to use teh run buttons to get that extra edge that will help us clear the bar. At the same time, we use the action button to lower the jumping angle. In the end the angle will be so low that the athlete will just more horizontally. You have to sync all of this with his legs movements.

For some people this is the most difficult event in the game. All of it just happens in a split of a second at the end, and you dont really have time to think once you are up there. You will touch the bar time after time in your first attempts, but keep on practising and you will get better.

If you manage to clear the event, you will be at the end of the first round, you will see a nice image of the athlete at the podium getting flowers and kisses from a lady, and then it will all start over again. Only this time the qualifing marks will be higher.

You can see what are the internet Track and Field World Records here.

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